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42 is the first learning program in computer engineering free of charge, open to everyone and accessible from 18 to 30 years old. The pedagogy is the peer-to-peer learning : a collaborative system that allows the students to unleash their creativity through projects.

42 was founded by Florian Bucher, Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac and Kwame Yamgnane in 2013 while the IT industry was lacking developpers in France. To teach the most and the best talents of tomorrow the school gives them the best infrastructure in a modern and unique location.

42 is their answer to what should be the school of tomorrow.
Phd in Visual Arts, Lorraine Alexandre is a visual artist and researcher in art specialised in performative photography and drawing.
Clémentine ARQUIS
Graduate in «Promotion de biens et d'événements culturels» at l'ICART Bordeaux, Clémentine has worked on a mission at Service Expositions of CAPC, museum of modern art in Bordeaux, in 2014.
Cyprien MESLAY
Graduate in art history at Colorado University, Cyprien co-founded a free online fanzine in 2012 about graffiti and its evolution in certain cities in the world. Expert and critic of traditional graffiti , he also tries to understand street art in its entirety.
Art teacher at National Institute of Fine Arts in Vientiane, Laos. Alisa is currently in charge of her online gallery : Alisa Gallery, and has worked in London before coming back to Paris.
Project Manager
Digital Manager
They also helped to create this project :

Artistik Rezo Team :
Marina CASSIN, Amandine LEGRAND, Mélissa Magrou, Michela MARINO, Eva QUINTARD and Claudia VICTORIA OLALDE.

Muriel BABANDISHA, Philippine BARDI de FOURTOU, Armando PELLICCIA and Damien POLLET.

Art Handler :
Florent HOUEL